Financial Modelling

Your business decisions are based on available data/information. Are you happy with the actual speed and form of this information being available to you?

FinSupport can help in various ways:

  • Development/design of operational analysis to evaluate strategic projects (e.g. new products, markets, customer etc.); or to simply test new ideas
  • Development of new reports e.g. 5-year projections, dashboards, what-if/scenario analysis
  • Streamlining or automating existing reports to free up resources and speed up decision processes
  • Review and/or redesign of existing Excel models to fix inefficiencies, errors or re-establish an understanding how they work

Quite often there no strict need to implement new and expensive system to collect and analyse data and create sensational reports. Many targets you have might be reachable with the existing system and resources and some process and usage optimization.

FinSupport aims at supporting you in harvesting this low-hanging fruit by focusing on utilisation improvement.

  • E.g. Excel is still a heavily used system. Optimising its utilisation allows to leverage the existing knowledge and familiarity. And new concepts and techniques will be deployed in other areas and continue to generate benefits.
  • Based on experience I promote not to focus on automating to the max but rather helping the Teams in generating the required decision support within (or at least in reach of) their level of comfort.